Sunday, April 25, 2010


Many, many years ago, before re-cycling came into being, ancient Rome solved the problem of what to do with all those empty amphorae used to hold olive oil being brought into port.  They dumped them in a heap which in time became a hill of about 135 feet.  Flavio al Velavevodetto is built right into one side of this mountain of crockery, visible through a panel of glass.

But that's not the reason to come to this stylish up-scale trattoria.  You come for the ravioli di primavera with fresh herbs, ricotta, and grape tomatoes, or the maialino arrosto con patate (baby piggy & mashed potatoes),  and you finish with semifreddo with zabaglione and deep dark chocolate drizzles.  

And then after you figure out how to pronounce "velavevodetto" like a Roman, you tell your friends about it, and when they in turn thank you for giving such a great recommendation, you say " I told you so" which is, after all, more or less, the meaning of "velavevodetto".

FLAVIO AL VELAVEVODETTO, Via di Monte Testaccio 97/99, Rome, ph. 06 5756841

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wonderkid said...

Flavio al Velavevodetto (Testaccio), 26/11/11, 13:30 PM

Technique & Execution
o Overall, an utterly unsatisfying meal. Nothing “slow” and carefully cooked about Flavio’s slow-cooking description. It was-by far-the worst meal of our 10 day Roman holiday. As a point of reference here are the other places that we tried, in no particular order: Roma Sparita, Pastificio San Lorenzo, Roscioli, Remo, Primo, La Mani in Pasta, Settimio al Pellegrino, La Tavernaccia, Pizzeria der Poeta, Tree House, Tutti Frutti, Volpetti
o House specialty ravioli was not cooked thoroughly. The center was cold and there were patches of soft and hard pasta (not al dente). Nothing held the dish together. It was akin to eating a boring salad – tomatoes, carbs, veggies, etc. Tasted like re-heated left over pasta.
o Batter for the cod was heavy and simply miserable. Flavor of a watered-down cheap American corn dog from a state fair (so much for slow food!), I immediately removed the batter like a wet sock. Inside, the cod was flavorless and uninspiring. Salt?...Brine?... This is slow cooking after all, do something with the cod!
o House wine was dull, heavy, and overly sweet. Comparisons: Box-wine, airplane wine, cooking wine, bargain wine at Carrefour

o Sat us down and didn’t bother to come by with a menu for ten minutes. Once the server arrived, she was not helpful explaining the menu nor showed any interest to our table. Throughout the meal she serviced the other surrounding tables, but not ours. In the end we stack up our dirty dishes ourselves to make room at the table. Waited…waited…and waited. Eventually, walked up to the front desk to pay for our meal. This was very insulting and humiliating. The two of us are from Asian descent and speak little to no Italian. On top of it they charged for service. To be fair, this was called out on the menu, but are we expected to pay for something that was not promised?

Value (approximate)
o Ravioli – 11 Euros
o Cod – 13 Euros
o Wine – 6 Euros
o Bread & Service – 2 Euros per person
o Water – 2 Euros